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Riding a bike through Copenhagen and nearly dying

I stayed with my good friend, Loui Jensen (pronounced Yen-sen), while I was in Copenhagen.

Loui tried to kill me.

Ok no, he didn’t actually try to kill me, but if he had of then he was going about it the right way.

See Loui told me that I couldn’t truly say I had explored Denmark without riding a bicycle through Copenhagen. Well, besides a tiny excursion riding a bike on an Irish island a few years ago, I haven’t ridden a bike since pretty much I was a kid.

Oh, but you never forget how to ride a bike! Yea sure. How about trying to remember how to ride one in Copenhagen traffic????

On top of it, how about trying to remember how to ride it on one that’s so tall, your feet are dangling 6 inches above the ground…when you’re trying to touch the ground. And in flip flops. When it’s raining. Uphills both ways in the snow.

Ok well maybe not that last one, but it was tough. It was somehow a lot tougher than I ever remember a bike being, but I think that’s because the bike was too tall for me. It’s hard remembering how to get your balance on a bicycle when you can’t really stop yourself from falling and when every time you stop, the bike has to fall over before you can get to the ground.

Anyhow, no more complaining because it was an amazing experience.

I eventually started to get the hang of it and, after scaring Loui a few times and myself as well, I began to feel slightly less terrified and enjoy Copenhagen more.

We first went to Loui’s sister’s house to get me a helmet (Loui was pretty sure I was going to die, I think). After that, we went to a huge cemetery near her house where Hans Christian Anderson is buried.

Somehow I expected his grave to be spectacular, Disney level stuff. After all, you’d think the author that basically allowed Disney to be successful would be super honored. Maybe a sign giving some background, a TV display where you could watch a movie about his life, laser light shows and a fog machine. I don’t know what I was expecting. But it was a very simple, unassuming and peaceful site in a rather majestic forest of a cemetery. I don’t know much about Hans Christian Anderson’s life story, but I know I would have liked that spot so hopefully he does too.

After that, we rode our bikes into the city center and around the gorgeous lakes, which are a meter (3 ft) low due to this year’s crazy heat wave in Europe. The lake was beautiful and had such a dramatic view of the Copenhagen skyline behind it.

Loui said people are trying to get the lakes filled in for a park. Man. I can really understand why they’d want to have all that space to be useable, but I really love seeing water. Maybe that’s less important to a city located in a country surrounded by so much water and so easily accessible. Afterall, it only takes 6 hours to drive from one side of Denmark to another. I’m from the desert so water is heaven.

Loui took me back up to Stephanskirken where I met another good friend, Niklas. Niklas and Loui were both volunteers at the ranch. We had a great lunch at Cafe Taxa in the “hipster” part of Copenhagen. You could tell it was the hipster section because there were coffeehouses everywhere lol.

After that, I considered riding the bike back to the city center, but decided to stop risking my life and go back to the apartment and I’m glad I did. Now it’s nice to just sit on the balcony and enjoy the cool wind, try to soak up some cold in my bones before I go back to the oven-like temperatures of the California desert. And now that I’m cold, I’m going to make a cup of hot tea which becomes oh so enjoyable snuggled under a blanket in the cool Danish sunshine after surviving a bike ride through Copenhagen.

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