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Eating keto on an airplane

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I am traveling to Ireland as I write this and it is a fourteen and a half hour trip.  OMGosh it’s killing me.  I don’t sleep on flights so I can avoid jet lag and I’m exhausted.  Exhaustion (as well as boredom) are the enemies of a ketogenic lifestyle.

Plan ahead

I screwed up so let me tell you that I’m not judging you if you aren’t perfect on keto.  First off, I didn’t pack very well.  I bought beef jerky which was a great idea.  I also bought Bai drinks which are great for the ketogenic diet.  However, I totally spaced on the fact that you can’t bring bottles of liquids onto the plane unless you buy it in the terminals. And of course no airport sells Bai’s.

I also was bad because I stole some of my sister’s fruit rolls (10 carbs each) and I grabbed a bag of dark chocolate Lindts.  What’s wrong with dark chocolate you say?  It’s a great treat for the ketogenic diet you say?  Well I say that I have no self control even in the best of circumstances and I overeat them.  And this plane trip is absolutely not the best of circumstances.  I did manage to stop before I ate the whole bag and I only had one of the roll ups so that wasn’t too bad. Only about 5 million carbs or so.

What I should have packed:

  • Beef jerky
  • A bag of veggies like carrots or snow peas
  • Berries
  • Cheese crips
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Boiled eggs (except I’m allergic)
  • Coconut chips

Airplane food=bad

The next fail was the airplane food.  Of course it’s totally cheap crappy food which automatically means carbs.  Carbohydrates are cheap.  Bread, pasta, crackers and a dessert.  Microwaved in plastic.  I ate some of it.  Ugh I’m sorry, body and I’m especially sorry, endocrine system.  I apologize to myself.

The problem is of course that I didn’t pack well.  Granted I packed the beef jerky, but I left it in my carry on which I put in the overhead compartment and I was too tired to pull it out when the slapped the plate of pseudo food in front of me.


Keep your kept food in a separate bag in your carry on.  As soon as you get on the plane, remove the food and put the bag under your seat so you can grab it when you get hungry.  That way you aren’t tempted with the crappy airplane food.

Fortunately I didn’t give in to temptation with the drinks.  Water and tea all the way baby.

Fatigue and boredom eating are the enemies of keto.  If you are purposely staying away to avoid jet lag like I do or if you just can’t sleep on planes, you may begin to snack because you are tired, bored and your body hurts (carbs numb emotional and physical pain).  Again, have your keto food prepared so that you can keep yourself awake nibbling on beef jerky rather than airline pretzels.  Also try getting up an exercising in the airplane bathroom so that you can work out your stiffness and pain from sitting still for so long.  I might help ease those fatigue carb cravings.

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