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A para’normal’ couple’s shoot in Belfast, Ireland

I photographed a ghost.

Even stranger, I did a couples session of a live woman who is married to this ghost.

And even stranger still, the ghost is a dead Haitan pirate from 300 years ago.

photographing ghosts northern ireland belfast

Amanda Teague feeling her ghostly husband’s energy

The Ghostly Husband

The ghost’s name is Jack Teague which has called some people to say that Amanda Sparrow Large Teague is making this ghost up from the character Johnny Depp played in Pirates of the Carribean.  Amanda was a Johnny Depp pirate impersonator before she met this ghost, but she says she’s fully aware that the Pirates of the Caribbean is a fictional story and that she believes it was her interest in this chapter of history that attracted the ghost Jack to her in the first place.

Setting up the shoot in Belfast, Ireland

I flew to Dublin from California and took the train to Belfast, Northern Ireland amidst unseasonably warm Irish weather.  There were dramatic clouds in the sky, but no rain and not even a need for a sweater (or should I say jumper).

Amanda (and Jack) staring towards the ocean that he loves so much


Amanda had recently gone through surgery and so she didn’t feel up to traveling far.  Amazing sites like Dun Luce Castle or the Giant’s Causeway were off the list of backdrops.  After some research I found this amazing little park in Belfast called Hazelbank Park.  It had an amazing combination of forested area and beach.  I thought that was perfect for this ghostly couple’s shoot and I was so happy when I arrived.


Stepping together through the Irish forest

Meeting the ghost’s wife

I was surprised when a blond got out of the taxi at the park.  Amanda was wearing a bright blond wig instead of her normal dark brown hair.  She told me that she wanted to portray witches in a different light that they could be blond instead of brunettes.


photographing ghosts northern ireland woman married to dead pirate

Jack was sitting next to her reaching out to her. Can you see him?


We sat down to talk, Amanda and myself and two friends whom I’d recently met in Belfast visiting for Pride Week.  I admit I was a little scared of doing this photo session so when they offered to accompany me, I jumped for it.  Plus it’s nice to have someone hold your camera equipment haha.


Our first chat and learning about the ghost husband

Amanda told us all sorts of fascinating things about her relationship with Jack the pirate ghost husband.  Some of them a little scary.  She said there are good spirits as well as bad ones that you don’t want to get mixed up with and that you needed to test spirits before you interact with them.  I wondered what I was getting myself mixed up with.


Amanda told us that Jack’s energy used the candle as a focus point.


As weird as it was, if Amanda had been talking about any other subject, I would have thought she was perfectly sane.  I actually have a doctorate in marital and family therapy and there was nothing about amanda that said ‘crazy.’  That doesn’t necessarily mean that she is really married to a ghost, but I found her rationality particularly interesting (and relieving).



After talking for probably a good hour about their relationship, I suggested we take some pictures.

Posing a ghost and his wife

To be honest, I have been so nervous over this shoot that I could barely sleep the night before.  I’ve been researching couples poses and trying to figure out how to shoot them when the husband is invisible!  To make it even worse, Amanda said that she can’t see Jack and he isn’t really there in a body form.  He’s an energy that she senses.


Searching for Jack’s energy


There went all my ideas out the window.

Just wanted to do a normal couple’s shoot

I wanted to make sure this was a real couple’s shoot.  I wasn’t trying to stage something that highlighted the ghost part of it in a sensational way.  I could have just said things like pretend that you have your arm around him, pretend that he’s kissing your cheek etc., but that wasn’t how she said the relationship worked.


A ghostly kiss?


According to Amanda, Jack isn’t a physical being.  She can neither see him nor feel him as you would a regular human being.  He is just energy, a force or a feeling.  He doesn’t have eyes for her to gaze into or a waist she can put her arm around.  This made it really difficult for me to think of how to make a connection between the two of them.  Also whenever I would tell her to try to connect with him, she became very internal, closed her eyes trying to feel him.



At times it seemed simple for her to connect with him.  He would say things to her, like evidently he didn’t like the blond wig she had on.  Sometimes it seemed like they were bantering.   Sometimes she would have small quiet conversations about how he was going to stand.  Other times it seemed like he wasn’t there at all.


I found that many of her photos seemed sad and wistful.  Jack was sitting next to her in this picture.


To say it was difficult to pose them would be an understatement.

But overall, I wanted this to be a normal experience.  I wanted her (and him) to have a couple’s session like I would do with any other lovers on the earthly realm.


A laughing exchange on the Irish Antrim coast

My Thoughts

At the end of the day, I think I captured some good photographs that really tell an interesting story.  To me, the photos seem sad and wistful.  They really changed my perception of Amanda and I have become hesitant to post this as the crazy and sensational story that I was first expecting to do.  Amanda is a real person and she has been through a lot in her life and it pains me to think that so many people are going to get a laugh at her through my photography.


Laughing, crying, feeling like the rest of us


When we went down to the beach to photograph, the beauty of the Irish Antrim coastline and the soft lapping of the waves called for a natural pause.  We all sat and watched the water and the seagulls and just talked about life.  Amanda told us of her children and her past relationships, of bullying and of losing her son.


A life story to tell


Amanda talked of her experience as a witch and the girls accompanying me talked of their experience of being in a homosexual relationship.  At one point, Amanda turned towards me and asked “Are you spiritual?  What’s your story?”  I had been quietly listening up to this point and hesitantly spoke up.  “I’m a Christian.”


Jack’s candle, wedding ring and compass


Everyone looked at me with shocked expressions and I shrugged.  “Real christianity,” I said “is being able to love and respect others whether you agree with the way they live their life or not.”  Jesus sat down with sinners (and tax collectors which let’s be honest is even worse) and shared a meal which I assume included laughter and conversation and life stories.  I doubt very much that he sat down and frowned at them and told them everything they did wrong.  I feel it’s my job to show love to others whether I agree with them or not.


A couple’s stroll down the beaches of Ireland


Which is why I hope that you who are reading this can find it in your heart to respond with love rather than criticism and hilarity.

My goal for my photography is to show the heart of the person in the photos.  Whether you believe Amanda is making this up or is crazy or is telling the truth, she is a real person with feelings and thoughts and a life story.  Please enjoy her story and my photographs.


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  • Reply
    Melissa Hibbard
    August 13, 2018 at 10:12 pm


    These photographs are truly beautiful. I can see the sadness that you saw in some of them, and yet she had a lot of happiness. You are truly an amazing person, and so is Amanda. Also, these pictures make me want to ship you up to Northern California so I can have a Redwood’s photo session!

  • Reply
    Carmen Batten
    August 13, 2018 at 10:55 pm


    I am so very proud of you! i read all about the session, and i love it! You did a wonderful job of presenting her, jack, and even your own beliefs! Go Girly! ~ Proud Auntie Carmen!

  • Reply
    Shelby Barker
    August 14, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Serina, the photos are absolutely beautiful! As said the Wiccan Rede, ‘An it harm none, do as ye will’. I’m sure she greatly appreciated such beautiful photos and respect despite the oddity of her situation. While I may not believe it myself, whose to say we just aren’t enlightened enough to understand? 🙂

    • Reply
      August 20, 2018 at 2:36 pm

      Thanks Shelby! I’m glad everything came across the way I hoped. She was such a kind person and yes, despite the oddity of her situation. It’s the strangeness in life that makes it interesting!

  • Reply
    August 14, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Just as amazing as I thought it would be! Great job!!

    • Reply
      August 20, 2018 at 2:37 pm

      Thank you! It was an amazing experience.

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