About Me

I am a wedding and couples photographer working on a project to photograph weddings in every country around the world.

I am a travel bug.  I love seeing new places, landing in a country without any plans and most of all meeting new people and learning their stories.  Even before I became a photographer, people watching has always been my favorite thing to do.  I’d look at people and see such beauty in them and wish that I could capture it and show them how striking and gorgeous and unique and wonderful they were.  It’s the reason I began to take photographs.

I live on a ranch in Southern California, riding horses and feeding cows.  My family has a big red barn wedding venue on the ranch so I know all the ins and outs of weddings

I’m a farm girl, a book worm, a Star Wars fan.  I only like the beach when it’s cold and gloomy and I can sit with a cup of hot chocolate huddled in a blanket.  I’m not an introvert, but I love My favorite movie is Hocus Pocus and I want to be like the aunts when I grow up.  I love the quirky and unusual as much as the traditional and romantic.

I have a life goal of photographing a wedding in every country in the world which is insane, but why dream at all if you don’t dream big.

Me and my grams